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Synergy Grills will Revolutionise any Commercial Kitchen

Synergy Grills will Revolutionise any Commercial Kitchen

Cater-Force has supplied another energy saving, efficient Synergy Grill.  There really is no other product like it on the market place.  If you’re looking for a high-powered grill which actually saves energy and will revolutionise the way you cook food, then this is the product for you.  There are three sizes to choose from they have been designed, sourced and invented in the UK.

Some of the principle benefits of the Synergy Grill are as follows; High Heat & Low gas consumption – average gas saving of 52%; Faster cooking, quicker turnover; Moister, more succulent food; No thermocouples; Fat is instantly Atomised so no need for a fat tray; Fish, Meat and Vegetables can be cooked at the same time; Reduced strain on ventilation systems; Thermal shock resistant; Easy to use clean and service.

Celebrity chef Tom Aitkens has this to say about his Synergy Grill: “Synergy Grills are the most fuel efficient & robust grills you can get. Easy to clean & operate but most importantly will give you the highest amount of heat you will need to cook anything on.”

If you are based within Yorkshire and would like a free consultation regarding this unique technology, then please call Cater-Force on 01943 467467 or e-mail sales@cater-force.uk   Alternatively you can see further details on our website by clicking on the following link Synergy Grill