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Vito 80 Oil Filter Machine (Up to 45 Litres Capacity)

Vito 80 Oil Filter Machine (Up to 45 Litres Capacity)

£2,811.00 + VAT

Vito Vito 80 Oil Filter Machine (Up to 45 Litres Capacity)

A VITOĀ® oil filter machine can safely double the life of your cooking and frying oil, whilst maintaining your cooked product at optimum quality for far longer. With consistent standards of taste and appearance of your food.

The Vito 80 is ideal for large electric or gas fryers up to 45 Litres or any heavily used fryer. There is no limit in filtration time due to the cooled motor and can handle up to 12 fryers one after the other.

  • Perfect for large heavily used fryers or fryers over 20 litre capacity and for all Fish & Chip Shop Ranges
  • A Vito can double the life of your oil
  • Suitable for oil depths up to 170mm
  • Running time 3.5 minutes per fryer
  • FiltersĀ 80 litres of cooking oil in 1 minute
  • Suction depth is up toĀ 45cm
  • Filtration efficiency up to 5Āµm
  • Power – 500W, 220-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Product Size – 210x205x460mm (LxDxH)
  • Weight – 9.2kgĀ 

Warranty:Ā  1 Year RBD Warranty

By using Vito regularly you are not only saving time and money, you are also contributing to a clean and healthy environment.Ā  By using Vito you are using less frying oil and less drums/containers. The filters are completely biodegradable as they are made from cellulose and completely biodegradable.Ā  You will not pollute the environment by using the VITOĀ® oil filter system.

By using VITOĀ® oil filter system you are reducing the demand for farming crops required for the product. This means that less rainforest has to be cleared for agriculture and you are helping to preserve a vital environment and unique wildlife.

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