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Fighting Fat, Oil and Grease in Commercial Catering Kitchens

Fighting Fat, Oil and Grease in Commercial Catering Kitchens

Whether you have a Fryer, Combi oven, 4 burner oven or even just a dishwasher, as a commercial premise you will be producing a certain level of FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease).  It’s crucial that this waste product is dealt with efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

At Cater-Force we work hand in hand with the award winning Mechline and their GreasePak drain maintenance system.  Nothing comes close to it in the current market place and it’s essential that anyone with a Commercial kitchen is aware that there are building regulations which must be adhered to.

Some biological dosing systems on the market are pumping harmful detergents into your drainage system which is not only bad for the environment but it only pushes the problem further along the drainage system.  Mechline’s GreasePak system is kind to the environment, stops the FOG’s from re-forming again and is the only system to be approved by the BBA (British Board of Agrement)

If you are suffering from blocked drains and ineffective FOG maintenance systems, and based in Yorkshire, call or e-mail our office to arrange for a no obligation free site visit.  We will even install the dispenser free of charge and will be available for any ongoing advice or assistance required.

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