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Gas Safe Certification

All Commercial Gas Catering equipment must be serviced on an annual basis to ensure safety and legality within the workplace.  Not only does an annual gas service keep businesses legal, it enables our engineers to identify any potential future issues with the equipment.  Failure to have an up to date Gas Safety Certificate will not only endanger the lives of kitchen staff it will invalidate any insurance in the event of a fire or accident caused by your gas supply.

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At Cater-Force our engineers will carry out a thorough inspection of all of your Gas equipment whether it’s LPG or Natural Gas.  Carrying out these checks and locating any future problems will reduce the likelihood of any unnecessary breakdowns and improves the energy efficiency of the equipment throughout the following 12 months.  This not only leads to improved equipment performance and lower energy bills, it guarantees a safe working environment for all kitchen staff.  As part of the checks our engineers will ensure your pipework is safe and secure and we’ll test the efficiency of your ventilation system to make sure it’s operating well enough to clear away any poisonous gases.

Whether you have a Gas Range Oven, Fryer, Grill, Griddle, Combi Oven, Pizza Oven, Wok, Stock Pot Stove or Water Boiler, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Commercial Catering equipment specialists at Cater-Force.  If you’re based in Yorkshire and require a Gas safety check or an annual Commercial Gas Safe Certificate then call our service desk on 01943 467467 or e-mail service@cater-force.uk to arrange a visit. (Gas Safe Registration No. 575892). 

We will supply you with a digital (and/or hard copy if preferred) Gas Safe Certificate which can be used with Insurers, Health & Safety officers or Local authority officials when requested to demonstrate compliance within your Commercial kitchen.  Remember it’s illegal to operate Commercial gas equipment without a valid Gas Safety Certificate.

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