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Save 50% on your Frying Oil Costs & Improve Food Quality

Save 50% on your Frying Oil Costs & Improve Food Quality

At Cater-Force we are Installation, Service and Repair specialists.  However every so often a product comes along which is innovative, unique, well-built and useful.  We are suppliers of the market leading Vito handheld Oil Filter system which is revolutionising kitchens throughout the UK.

The principle benefits of the system include:

  • Save up to 50% on your frying oil costs
  • No need to pay for a company to filter your oil or clean your fryers
  • Improve the taste, quality and consistency of fried food
  • The system pays for itself based on the oil savings alone
  • Portable and simple to use with no supervision required
  • Environmentally friendly technology

Here at Cater-Force we offer a free no obligation demonstration along with on-site training as long as your premises are within Yorkshire.

Two Michelin-starred Chef Michael Caines MBE has a Vito oil filter machine at his Abode restaurants and comments ‘Vito oil filter machines have been a revelation.¬† They prolong the life of the frying oil making it last twice as long, which means we’ve halved our oil costs and are more environmentally friendly.¬† Plus it’s safe to use, filters 80 litres in just over a minute and produces even better tasting food thanks to the oil being clean.¬† It’s a no brainer and I recommend it to all chefs’.

For further information see the product details along with a promotional video on the Cater-Force website at Vito