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Commercial Glasswasher and Dishwasher Servicing is Essential

Commercial Glasswasher and Dishwasher Servicing is Essential

It’s a legal requirement to have Gas Commercial Catering equipment checked annually, however it’s a grey area with regards the servicing of other equipment within a Commercial kitchen.¬† At Cater-Force we come across new customers who have never had their non-gas equipment serviced, whereas others will have all of their Commercial equipment serviced every 6 months or at least Annually.

We believe in the ‘best practice’ of servicing Commercial Catering Equipment at least once a year.¬† By having a 12 monthly service it allows our engineers to identify any potential issues before they happen.¬† Many breakdowns are due to equipment neglect, such as blocked pipes or clogged up evaporators.

Glasswashers and Dishwashers are no exception, and one of the major causes of breakdowns is due to limescale build up which can initially be hidden from sight.  During Dishwasher and Glasswasher servicing our engineers will de-scale machines and will ensure all of the internal components are in good operational order.

A lot of break-downs are preventable through routine cleaning, and our engineers will point out any areas where this can be improved.  This will ensure that equipment works at peak efficiency and will reduce the number of breakdowns.  Having a regular annual service will ensure lower running costs and fewer breakdowns throughout the year.

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