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Induction Cooking has become a Practical and Cost Saving Option

Induction Cooking has become a Practical and Cost Saving Option

Twenty years ago it was only high end kitchens which could afford to use Induction cooking, but slowly and surely the technology has become a more affordable way of cooking.  With the pricing becoming more competitive versus traditional methods of cooking, such as Gas, it becomes a viable option to a much wider audience.

The upfront costs of purchasing Induction can traditionally be off-putting, however with suppliers educating consumers of the main benefits of this style of cooking it’s become a practical solution to a lot of problems within current Commercial kitchens.

Some of the principal benefits over traditional methods include;¬† No wasted heat as it’s the pans which heat up not the cooking surface; Less heat in kitchens which allows a more pleasant working environment and ensures that ventilation systems are not overworked;¬† Cost effective, the money saved compared to traditional gas will mean the technology pays for itself over a number of years; More controllable than any other cooking methods including gas; Easy to clean with a quick wipe down, saving time and money during the daily cleaning routine; It alleviates the need for any expensive Gas interlock systems.

As Gas prices continue to rise and Induction costs continue to fall there will be a tipping point where consumers decide it’s the right time to switch to this cleaner, simpler and easier to use method of cooking.¬† For further details on Induction cooking please don’t hesitate to call the office on 01943 467467 or e-mail us on info@cater-force.uk