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Regular Cleaning and Servicing could Save you Thousands!

Regular Cleaning and Servicing could Save you Thousands!

All Commercial businesses in the current climate are looking to save money or cut costs.  As a service and repair company for the Commercial catering sector throughout Yorkshire our engineers have seen many examples where money can be saved.  It’s a case of going ‘Back to Basics’ with the way you care for the Commercial equipment you’re using and relying on, on a daily basis.

A lot of equipment would not break down if it was maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.  Allowing dirt to build up can block holes in equipment, or will stop operational parts from working properly and efficiently.  Jets getting blocked on gas equipment and food debris inhibiting equipment from working properly can be common place in a lot of Commercial kitchens.  Having a daily cleaning routine will save so much money in the long run!

The same can also be said for Commercial catering equipment which isn’t serviced on a regular basis.  It’s not only a case of having Gas safety checks done on an annual basis, here at Cater-Force we encourage our customers to have all of their other electrical and refrigeration equipment checked and serviced at the same time.  These preventative measures allow our engineers to identify problems before they happen and minimise the likelihood of a breakdown at the most crucial time for a business.

If you’re based in Yorkshire and require a repair or service to your equipment please either call the office on 01943 467467 or e-mail service@cater-force.uk